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Marcello Cutino - BCF设计工作室




“The idea behind the Tribe project stems from the combination of three different emotions: discovery, nature and the sign.
The discovery of new perceptive capabilities paves the way for original and innovative features in the kitchen environment (for example, the specific household appliances) that unleash a string of emotions through colour, surfaces and shapes - the most captivating features of this project. Nature as a source of friendly, warm textured sensations. Wood combines with warm materials such as bronze and rust that underline their bond with nature and their ancestral relation to man. The sign as a human mark that defines matter with its presence to convey a strong, distinctive character. Tribe certainly communicates at an instinctive level, and I specifically designed the project for people who love novelty, appreciate genuine emotional, tactile and aesthetic aspects, who acknowledge the kitchen as the defining mark of their identity and the primary medium in performing the rites of hospitality. My intention was to create the pinnacle of a furnishing solution capable of stimulating emotions and creating a warm atmosphere in the home”.

"I’ve always been fascinated by the language of forms and objects: they have a lot to say about the history of man. These are the tools I use in expressing Italian design."

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