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Mood: 优雅,高贵,品味生活方式。



"Mood" is the kitchen model designed by Silvano Barsacchi that draws attention because of its innovative materials and design, and its perfect equilibrium between refinement and simplicity.

Mood wins for innovaton, functionality and aesthetics

A new model dedicated to practical daily life

"Mood" can meet a wide variety of desires for customisation.

Thanks to the flexibility of its elements, "Mood" is perfect for furnishing open space environments that combine kitchen, dining room and living room.

In particular the innumerable colours available for "Mood"'s flat cabinet doors can satisfy the most varied stylistic needs.

The version with white lacquered cabinets for the wall units, dark oak cabinet doors for the base units and quarz counter tops creates strong contrasts that are much sought after today.

A new type of inset squared metal handle with a comfortable grip individualizes the doors of the closets, base units and wall units of the composition.

In this composition, which places more emphasis on the living aspect, there is a peninsula with hob and sink, equipped with drawers and baskets and combined with a short cupboard featuring open-fronted wall units.

The ensemble is finished off with tall units for electrical appliances, cupboards, baskets and drawers, positioned in a single wall-mounted cupboard arrangement.

Elegance and lifestyle-enhancing taste on the outside, plenty of room on the inside.

A contemporary kitchen that opens out into the home

A further example of the philosophy behind the Mood design is the composition on the left, which kitchen and living room functions are united in a single solution.

In this case there are four base units with decorative Ecru Oak doors, combined with open-fronted wall units (gloss beige lacquered) and the solution designed for primary kitchen areas.

The result is an elegant and compact room, ideal for smaller spaces and studio flats.

The availability of new living-room elements and the versatility of stylish free-standing pieces allow a wide variety of solutions to cover all needs.

Multiple modes of use and flawless functionality

A solution emphasising the contemporary nature of the modern Mood kitchen is the version with decorative brushed Zolfino Larch doors, twin Alaska Blue lacquered stacked wall units.

The distinguishing features of this version are the split-level base units, the peninsula table, the steel top, the open-fronted wall units and the Alaska Blue gloss lacquered hanging cupboard.

As well as a wide selection of work-tops, Scavolini also offers Mood with doors in a vast choice of colours for personalising the kitchen and making it feel truly unique.

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