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Regard: 古典风格中的一颗现代心脏



Regard: 古典风格中的一颗现代心脏

Two different creations capable of conjugate classical aestheticism and at the same time a contemporary feel.


A lovely creation midway between the classic and the modern, Regard is one of the latest Scavolini creations designed by Raffaello Pravato.

A timeless suggestion, which combines two styles and is transformed into the right choice for whoever wants a kitchen model which recalls the past, but does not forget the present.

What is classical about it?

The first classical feature is the choice of the framed door, typical of country kitchens, which is presented in natural wood grain of cherry or oak.

The cherry is offered in a colour which recaptures the Walnut Kyoto structure, whilst the oak version is produced in a wide range of colours, including absolute white, mulberry, cream, red, green, light blue, yellow, while, grey and natural oak.

Regard also offers a glass framed door which ‘doubles up’ in either a more classical or a more modern version: the first one features cast glass and the second one opts for etched glass.

Other features also include the cooker hood fitted with a wooden shelf, some wrought iron accessories, shaped frames, and finally wooden tables and chairs.

What is modern about it?

The handle is a distinctive feature, offered in technical and design versions.

The hoods with glass surfaces and in particular the steel worktops are contemporary details.

These infuse the room with light. Another feature of typically modern appeal is the suggestion of units and elements which create a pleasant continuity between the living room and the kitchen, like living rooms with glass surfaces which can give a feeling of open space.

Timeless aesthetics

The photograph shows the warmth and elegance of the large composition with cream Oak peninsula, perfect for breakfasts and informal lunches with a traditional feel. The base unit doors are framed in cream Oak. The wall units have dark brown Oak frames with acid-etched effect glass and are fitted with interior lights. Handles are shell-shaped in chrome-plated metal. The kitchen features shaped cornices in dark brown Oak.

The heart of the kitchen, the washing and cooking area, featuring the chimney hood with cornice in cream Oak. To the left, domestic-appliance columns and store cupboard.

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