Tess. 典雅华贵的厨房环境




Tess by Scavolini ,re-worked by Silvano Barsacchi,

is in keeping with the most recent furnishing and decorating trends.

Tess, soft and linear

This version of Tess by Scavolini is characterized by very up to date stylistic details.

The handle previously used on the tall and pull-out units has been replaced with a new aluminium profile, which does not require a groove and is fitted on the top of the door.

The new curved elements take the form of opening end panels, available for base, wall and tall units, with the same depth as the unit to which they are attached.

In the base unit version, the new curved elements can also be used in islands and peninsulas.

Thanks to its outstanding capacity for personalization with elements and finishes, Tess can furnish homes of all kinds, from the largest loft to a small apartment.

Composition with handles

The Tess kitchen offers a choice of different types of metal handles and changes personality through broader-ranging furnishing compositions.

A variety of materials are used (laminate, lacquer, glass, aluminium, steel and quarz) for a sophisticated, high-tech overall effect.

In the Tess version with Foscari Oak mat laminate doors and Steel work-tops, the island incorporating the work-surface, the sink and the hob in a single block.

Around it are units with a place for everything that’s needed.

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