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What is the best way to organise the corners of a modern kitchen?

The best way is without a doubt to exploit the depth of this space as a storage element

The best way to organise the corners of the modern kitchen is without a doubt to exploit the depth of this space as a storage element.
The curved corner base unit of the modern Flux kitchen is instead fitted with a swivel basket that grants ergonomic access to all accessories stored within.

Storage may also be developed for wall elements.
This proposal is available in two different heights: 61 or 73 cm and has two swivel shelves connected to the door.
Ideas include solving the problem of the corner by carefully studying the way it fits in and the arrangement of the elements.

The photograph to the left shows a fitted wall included in the peripheral spaces to the sides of the preparation area, in order to optimise all available space without leaving gaps.

To the right, on the other hand, the worktop is flanked perpendicularly by a low base unit, making for the perfect place on which to display or rest design objects you may need every day.
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