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When a household appliance is turned on, avoid placing it near a sink or on the latter’s edge.

It may get wet and become dangerous.

We list you the 8 rules to remember in order to prevent short-circuits and accidents at home.

1) Make sure that the electrical circuit is guaranteed in accordance with the regulations in force.
Similarly, check that the electrical wires and plugs are in good condition, and replace them if they are damaged.
2) Position power outlets and electrical wires far from heat sources such as ovens and stove burners.
3) When a household appliance (e.g. a kitchen mixer or toaster) is turned on, avoid placing it near a sink or on the latter’s edge: it may get wet and become dangerous.
4) Unplug the appliance delicately without pulling on the power cord: you may otherwise detach the wire from the terminals and create the conditions for a short-circuit.
5) Do not overload the power outlets: large amounts of current required by multiple appliances may cause the power outlet area to overheat.
It is advisable to connect a single appliance only to each power outlet.
6) Avoid wrapping the electrical cord around equipment and appliances that are still hot.
7) Always unplug the appliance before cleaning it.
8) Moreover, verify that your household appliances (e.g. refrigerator) are always adequately ventilated.
Otherwise, they may overheat and cause the risk of fire.

Observing these simple suggestions will help make your life at home safe.
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