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Use rainwater to water the garden.

This is a precious and free resource which offers significant financial advantages.

As the weather gets colder, you can help to protect the natural environment and soften the blow on your wallet by following a few rules for environmental sustainability!

Here are a few small tips for intelligent and environmentally responsible saving, to help you get through the harshest months:

1. Set the temperature of the radiators to 18-20 degrees.
Bear in mind that one person can increase the temperature of a room by 1-2 degrees in just half an hour, as a result of the energy produced by the body: this difference should not be overlooked, as it can lead to a saving of approximately 7% on your total energy consumption!
2. If you haven’t already done so, call a technician to make sure the boiler is working properly: gas consumption and the resulting energy bills are especially high when a boiler is not functioning efficiently.

Further heat wastage is caused by bad system insulation; to ensure this does not occur, every 2 years, in summer, you should make sure the pipework is in good condition and that the flue gas emissions meet all legal requirements.

3. Use rainwater to water the garden; this is a precious and free resource which offers significant financial advantages.
4. Open the windows properly for a few minutes instead of airing the inside of your home by keeping the fittings semi-closed for several hours; this will limit heat loss. Avoid using radiator covers, as they prevent warm air from circulating inside the room!

5. When possible, avoid switching on artificial lighting and exploit natural sunlight instead.
Make sure you use energy saving light bulbs and switch off the lights when you leave a room.

6. You can lower your electricity consumption by approximately 8% if you switch off your electrical appliances completely!
This means not leaving the computer or television in standby with the power lights on.

Per ridurre ulteriormente i consumi e limitare gli sprechi bastano poche altre regole ecosostenibili oltre a quelle appena descritte, proprio perché le buone abitudini facilitano te e chi ti è vicino a vivere la quotidianità in modo più responsabile.
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