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A matter of space
Finding everything you need is of vital importance, especially when you’re rushing around in the morning. 
With the right accessories, designed to make the maximum use of the spaces available, you can put everything in its place, keeping everything neat and tidy and finding what you need quickly when required. Optimising space is essential, above all for those whose bathroom is small.
The photo on the left shows the Aquo model in gloss Baltic Blue, one of the many solutions on offer in the Scavolini bathroom furniture catalogue: the many drawers are cleverly organised to provide the right place for every item in daily use. Handy internal partitions create tidy spaces where you can put everything needed for your personal care routine.
Effects with lights and mirrors
Nowadays, lighting is an integral part of a design scheme, essential for creating the right mood, and the bathroom is no exception. Effects using lights and mirrors can make the room seem lighter and larger.
Today, mirror-fronted cabinets are very popular; they provide useful, convenient storage for bathroom products. The solution shown in the photo on the left is original and practical: a revolving mirror-fronted unit; it is easy to pick out the item you need, even from the most distant corner. 
Amongst the other possibilities are a vast range of mirrors with integral lights: design objects that furnish your bathroom with elegance and style as well, of course, as fulfilling their main functions of reflecting and lighting!

Like to view all the bathroom furnishing solutions Scavolini has designed? Explore all the models and accessories for furnishing your bathroom in the Scavolini Bathrooms collections!

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