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An object is not only clutter for the environment,

but it takes up space in your life too.

Space Clearing: order in your home, order in your life
Old tablecloths and napkins, odd glasses and plates, worn cutlery: an object is not only clutter for the environment, but it takes up space in your life too.
To free yourself from this burden, why not experiment with Space Clearing? This is a Feng Shui technique which helps to free you from pointless objects, allowing you to create order in your life, giving up superfluous habits and relationships and bad memories.
When? You can devote a few hours, days or even months to Space Clearing.
It really depends on how motivated you feel.
The important thing is to follow your rhythm.
How to do it, step-by-step

1) Take a pad of paper and a pen and make a list of which corners of the kitchen need to be reorganised: larder, doors, drawers;
2) Work by degrees, starting with the area which is most in need;
3) Examine each object: if it evokes negative memories or sensations and you have not used it for two years, throw it away.
If it is an old present, even if worthless, and it still gives pleasure, evoking fond memories, keep it.
On the other hand, if a gift brings back unpleasant memories, do not hesitate to bin it. Decide immediately whether to throw it away or not.
Do not put the decision off!

Advice and benefits

If you have accumulated too many objects, it may take several sessions to free yourself from everything.
Remember, however, that "less is more" and the actual physical disposal of superfluous objects can, in itself, be a rewarding experience.
According to principles of Feng Shui, the more useless clutter you have around you, the more you risk living in chaos with a consequent reduction in your capacity to concentrate and take control of your life.
A simple, tidy kitchen is, on the other hand, a far more pleasant living environment.
Space Clearing can also provide an opportunity to help and support others: you can give away the things you have decided not to keep.

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