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The classic kitchen layout features a "working triangle"

The main working areas must be organised in such a way as to facilitate access and movement.

1. Attention to layout

The room must be designed to be efficient.

The main working areas – washing, cooking and food preparation – must be organised in such a way as to facilitate access and movement.

The classic kitchen layout features a "working triangle", with the triangle corners corresponding to the three focal points.

Organizzazione cucina
This solution may, however, prove to be less practical if there are two of you cooking or if there are more than three workstations (i.e. two hobs, two sinks, etc.).

We recommend carefully assessing the best possible solutions, enlisting an expert's help. (You can find some very interesting examples here).

This will guarantee you the best possible comfort and freedom of movement.
2. Everything within arm's reach
It is equally important to consider exactly where you will be storing foodstuffs, saucepans, linen and small electrical appliances.
All the things you use most often should be near the worktop.
The tools you use every day, like the coffee machine, kettle, toaster, etc., should sit on the worktop.
The furthest or highest cupboards should contain things you only use rarely, such as "good" crockery sets, trays, special small electrical appliances and saucepans.
3. Choosing light sources
Lighting is also important.
A window in the right place gives more useful light than a light bulb in the wrong place.
Study sources of natural and artificial light it is extremely important in making the room efficient.
And, in a place where you will spend so much time, the light will be on for hours: it is therefore important to use an eco-sustainable light source, like CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs).
4. Valid electrical appliances
Finally, the use of low energy consuming electrical appliances is another important way of maintaining ecological and economic efficiency.

From the fridge to the dishwasher and the oven: always opt for "class A" appliances – you will amortise the cost over time, making significant energy savings in the long run.
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