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Kitchen and Living

a unique space, a place for meeting and socialising

The kitchen, the heart of the home
The kitchen is a place for meeting and socialising, both by members of the family and guests.
From a place that was once used exclusively for the preparation, cooking and consumption of food, the kitchen is today the heart of the home, where quality time is spent.
The greatest attention paid to living style comes precisely from this evolution: to create a unique space, logics of function, conviviality and style.
Two spaces, a single soul
The integration of surfaces, colours and forms of kitchen and living areas must be considered down to the tiniest detail, in order to guarantee a stylistic linearity and a balance of the whole.

A harmonious merging of spaces is therefore the key to success to a single environment that is able to blend two different rooms, making the most of the floor space available.
Room for creativity
Imagination can rein free when furnishing living areas. There is an infinite wealth of style combinations available: furniture with minimalist, linear forms for those seeking a simpler style or creative geometric structures and original compositions (like in the photograph to the left). Pastel and retro colours or laminated in the brightest, boldest hues.
A thousand different possibilities, therefore, to redesign the confines of a home that is more and more versatile, ever more modern, practical and original. Just like you.