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Caratteristiche di Belvedere

Basamento: in multistrato, impiallacciato Faggio per i colori laccati opachi con o senza decoro Oro o Argento; in multistrato impiallacciato Frassino tinto in tutti gli altri colori.

Gambe: in massello di Faggio per i colori laccati opachi con o senza decoro Oro o Argento o di Frassino tinto in tutti gli altri colori.

Piano: allungabile o fisso, pannello di particelle di legno con basso contenuto di formaldeide, rivestito di laminato o in Fenix NTM con profilo ABS su tutti i lati, disponibile in diversi colori; oppure fisso in vari materiali

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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.

Straightforward prices, another reason to choose Scavolini
We are certain that the price is also another reason to choose Scavolini: talk to one of our dealers!

With Scavolini, 10 years of peace of mind and numerous advantages
When you buy a kitchen and/or living room you can enjoy the services Scavolini has dedicated to you: 24/7 comprehensive support with qualified professional technicians; guaranteed reliability.

Make your choice responsibly.
With Scavolini, you protect the environment.
Because Scavolini invests in sustainability.
Find out more about Scavolini Green Mind

The principles of Scavolini Green Mind

Use energy from renewable sources
Avoid wasting water
Reduce polluting emissions
Eliminate pollutants
Waste recycling
High energy efficiency of appliances
Use sustainable kitchen accessories
Zero-impact paper and printing
We are certified by the environmental management system