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厨房 Carattere

Carattere. 严谨、高雅与潮流
优雅 別致 华丽 国际 当代 极简 框架门板 模块化 精致 英式 设计


Design by Vuesse


Dark Pulpis色分层层压板Orizzonte Up磁性护 墙板,专为打造一个专门的层压板系列,并配有内 金属板,允许使用全新的Magneto配件系列,它们 是厨房中的出色盟友。
与Fior di Pesco Carnico大理石台面,缎面钢台面和Nordic 橡木实木贴皮台面的结合,色彩高度和谐。
以下是这个组合的独特特征:铁灰色哑光烤漆檐板,Cashmere白蜡木实木贴 皮门板配带英式玻璃框架的台上柜。
在传统经典的厨房中,不乏有趣的高科技设备:嵌入Billiemi灰色大理石台面中的直列式灶头,配备齐全的Opus Desert和深银色喷漆金属护墙板。
这款Carattere厨房组合,由哑光做旧银色饰面的杯状把手赋予 节奏感,与厨房的Capri白蜡木和Motley石英台面搭配完美。
Corner kitchen with Chia Ash Scav 972 coloured doors and Heron Grey Scav 325 matt lacquered doors. 2 cm thick Black Diamond Stoneware top.
Linear kitchen with Cotton Ash Scav 908 coloured doors and Fokos Sale Stoneware top.
A distinguishing feature of Carattere, the grip built into the frame door (in Iron Grey lacquered finish, a very trendy shade), is capable of amplifying the unadulterated essence of the model. The handle grip is fitted horizontally on the base units, whereas on the cabinets it is arranged vertically: sophistication and clean-cut shapes that outline the furnishings.
Simple shapes, innovative materials and trendy colours. Prestige White matt lacquered base, wall and tall units; Blanc Breeze quartz tops; Tussah Walnut veneered backsplash.
This design is accompanied by generously-sized Switch cupboards with Iron Grey matt lacquered frame door, an excellent solution better to exploit all the available space, thanks also to the use of convenient tall unit top modules that adorn the entire wall. An interesting detail: the handle grip recessed into the door is a signature feature of Carattere.
A trendy alternative: the protruding breakfast bench. Here, the 6 cm thick snack bench is presented in the warm Nabuk Oak finish, which matches the Avenue Amber Porcelain Stoneware base unit top.
Carattere can be clad with veneered finishes that adorn the model with a “classical-contemporary” style: Ivory Ash veneer for the doors, top and backsplash in Amazon quartz and Porcelain Cream matt lacquered shelves.
In a designer kitchen, light weight and symmetry cohabit in complete harmony, and clean-cut geometries stand out, along with well-defined corners. In this Mink matt lacquered version of Carattere, the details make the space utterly exclusive: Bronze finish handles, which look like an elegant graphic sign, and the 45-degree processing of the imposing Nabuk Oak breakfast bench.
Structures, materials and nuances in perfect synch. Base units with Arena Ash frame door, with a more traditional feel, are teamed with wall and tall units with Dove Grey matt lacquered plain doors. The satin finish glass used on the wall units of this Carattere composition creates an appealing game of transparencies.
Exclusive details for a sophisticated kitchen. The “Allinea” accessories ini satin finish steel finish are available in sizes L. 70-100 cm: giving the kitchen a personal touch. Stylish furnishings include the cabinets with convenient open-fronted end units in Prestige White matt lacquered finish.
Functionality and light weight for the wall-mounted base units with Light Grey matt lacquered frame door, which make the kitchen even more dynamic. Also, the roomy Saxony Walnut larder unit matches the composition to create an attractive textured effect. The matching handles are a novelty introduced with this model, and they are available in Prestige White, Steel, Bronze and Black.
The Breeze quartz finish worktop is 3 cm thick, and it blends in seamlessly with the delicate and elemental hues of this composition. The breakfast bench, in Nabuk Oak, accommodates the need for warm hospitality.
Innovative and flexible modularity. This particular version of the Carattere model is in Slate Black matt lacquered finish, combined with the “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey decorative melamine. The central island rests on a new base with Slender feet (H. 15 cm) which are available in Bronze or Soft Steel, with the 6 cm thick steel top.
厨房 Carattere
Frame door with handle grip
Opus equipped wall panel
Wall units and larder units h. 127 cm
Magnetic accessories for glass wall panel

Carattere 为日常生活增添色彩

转角厨房,配Scav 972 鼠尾草色白蜡木门板和Scav 325苍鹭灰 哑光烤漆门板;Diamond黑色岩板台面,轮廓6G,厚2cm;早餐吧 台,轮廓2G,厚 6cm
门板:棉色白蜡木实木贴皮 - 门板:火石灰三聚氰胺饰面

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厨房 Carattere