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Brass finish handle
Breakfast bench in Nordik Oak
Iron Grey matt lacquered open-fronted wall units

厨房 Mood

模块化厨房 带岛台厨房 现代厨房
“材料由构想而生,而构想也由材料所成”:这就是设计师Silvano Barsacchi的创造性主张和风格设想。

Design by Silvano Barsacchi
The central island dominates the composition thanks to the Grey Stone laminate used to clad the top and base units uniformly. An attractive textured effect, significant volumes to enhance the domestic space which also includes the “Fluida” Wall System in Pure White decorative melamine.
The perfect match between worktop and doors: Bromine Grey Fenix NTM® emphasises the metropolitan soul of this kitchen fitted with every convenience, starting with the "Setup" accessorised wall panel, in satin finish Anthracite finish, and equipped with multiple useful accessories (kitchen roll holder, shelves, bars, hooks, etc.).
Functionality and styling merge to perfection in the details: wall units in Anthracite painted metal combined with the wall unit with slanted door. Simple, geometric silhouettes to accommodate contemporary taste.
Sophisticated colour combinations outline a well-balanced and rationally organised setting: tall units and base units in Landscape Oak, Mink matt lacquered wall units, an attractive choice with superior styling value.
The colour white plays the undisputed starring role in the living area.
A modern kitchen with a notable navy feel: the new Moon Blue lacquered finish on the base units and tall units is matched perfectly by the breakfast bench in Nordik Oak fitted with Slender support.
The clay finish for your very own trendy kitchen.
A new tactile sensation for kitchen furnishings: Lima Clay Biomalta used to clad the base units and wall units in the composition constitutes a hard-wearing material that is concurrently trendy.
The different heights of the Azimut laminate worktops, which is also used on the island, make this kitchen more dynamic and emphasise the various functions of the composition. And the juxtaposed colour shades (tall units and base units in Season Oak, against the island in Azimut decorative melamine) make it possible to create ever surprising combinations.
The Dove Grey lacquered doors and base units stand out harmoniously against the areas clad with warm Tussah Walnut, i.e. the wall units, tall units and wall panels of this imposing composition. Everything is enhanced by the bronze colour of the handles and plinths.
The natural appearance of the Saxony Walnut cabinets is combined with the vintage look of the Stained Aluminium stained look lacquered island base units, striking the perfect balance between contemporary appeal and traditional accents.
The luxury of an efficient and impeccable kitchen.
厨房 Mood
Slanted door h.73 cm
Brass finish handle
Setup System
Linear pull-out system
Tall unit h.206 cm

Mood 为日常生活增添色彩

Saxony Walnut veneered and Stained Brass stained look lacquered doors; “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey decorative melamine
Landscape Oak decorative melamine and Mink matt lacquered doors; open-fronted wall units in Anthracite coloured metal and “Metro” Wall System

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厨房 Mood