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Exclusiva hood
Ebony leather doors
“Fluida” Wall System

厨房 Exclusiva

Exclusiva. 独享的细节设计,不容忽视的美感
模块化厨房 带岛台厨房 经典厨房

Exclusiva 系列由 Vuesse 设计,拥有顶级设计的美名,散发着古典气息的一个个定制细节打造出能够迎合国际奢侈品市场需求的厨房设计


Design by Vuesse
The Glamour door, which is available for specifc elements in the Exclusiva kitchen, enhances the sophisticated spirit of this model. The new decorative elements resting on the top are ftted with pull-out baskets that afford superior functionality while respecting the classic feel of this kitchen.
The marriage between the Mink glossy lacquered finish and the Ebony colour leather - a material that is available for the cabinets - lends the entire composition a superior and prestigious appeal. This is a majestic design, thanks also to the worktop used: the Emperador marble stands out, thanks also to the extra thickness used (6 cm), and its aim is to accommodate the needs of a demanding and sophisticated clientele.
Elegance shines bright in the details. Prestige White glossy lacquered and Pearl Grey Leather.
The golden nuance is the leitmotif of this offering: it can be found in the Golden Leaf granite worktops as well as in the golden detailing. Combined with the Porcelain Cream glossy lacquered finish of base units and wall units, it creates a refined chromatic balance.
This is a kitchen where the classical soul makes a break for contemporary taste thanks to the Exclusiva hood: covered with panels in bevelled mirror, with Stopsol finish, the hood floods the Dove Grey glossy lacquered kitchen with class.
Slate Black glossy lacquered doors in the storage areas and Stained Brass stained look lacquered finish for the island in the middle of the open space: for an extremely sophisticated combination, in terms of both the colours and the materials used.
The glossy lacquered finish is the genuine star of this Exclusiva kitchen: doors, matching plinth and cornice in Tundra Grey mark a bright space where gold finish handles and details blend in seamlessly.
In the compact formation of this prestigious offering – Steel Grey granite for the worktops and Titanium Grey glossy lacquered finish for the base units, wall units, shelves and wall panels – the exclusive design of the steel finish table bench support stands out: to furnish the living area with character.
The Exclusiva model – when devoid of classical elements - astounds for the highly prestigious effects of its finishes and the significant materials used: Iron Grey glossy lacquered doors and Stained Aluminium Stained look lacquered cabinets.
厨房 Exclusiva
Leather door
Gold finish or Chrome metal capital
Metal handle with Swarovski®
Hood with panels in bevelled mirror, with Stopsol finish  
Gold or Chromme-finish metal frieze for plinth

Exclusiva 为日常生活增添色彩

Mink glossy lacquered / Ebony Leather
Slate Black glossy lacquered / Stained Brass Stained Look Lacquered

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厨房 Exclusiva