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Pearl Grey leather doors
Chrome-finish handles with Swarovski® crystals
Wall panel in Stopsol mirror

起居室 Exclusiva

Exclusiva. 古典风格融合现代气息


Exclusiva 系列起居室家具所采用的饰面和名贵材料令其闪耀着惊艳的光芒。

Design by Vuesse
Livingroom area with a prestigious feel: the Pearl Grey colour leather doors match the top and side panels in Mink matt lacquered finish. The majestic appeal of this offering is emphasised by the large Luxury mirror in White matt lacquered finish, with back-light.
Slimline and minimal design: wall-mounted base units in Plaster colour leather, fitted with supports bearing an exclusive design, in chrome-finish. The Stopsol mirror wall panels lend the chromatic balance of the livingroom class and prestige.
Pair of cabinets with Pearl Grey colour leather doors, tops and side panels in Mink matt lacquered fi nish. For those who like to show off valuable details, pick chrome-finish handles with Swarovski® crystals and large wall panels in Stopsol mirror.
Titanium Grey glossy lacquered fi nish covers the two cabinets completely, elegantly emphasising the legs and round handles in polished gold finish. This is a contemporary livingroom that stands out for its balance and sophistication.
The Black matt lacquered Luxury mirror blends in seamlessly with the glitzy grandeur of the two tall units in Iron Grey glossy lacquered finish, fitted with a mirror back panel and internal light, Pepe Quartz tops and chrome-finish feet.
The gold finish is the distinguishing feature of this living room with Beige matt lacquered doors: the Golden Leaf granite tops stand out, along with the gold finish handle with Swarovski® crystals and gold finish metal feet.
The starring role of this solution is played by the large Stopsol mirror wall panel teamed with the Dove Grey glossy lacquered finish of the other elements in the composition. The perfect compromise between classical mood and a tasteful pinch of contemporary design.
This composition clearly showcases the luxurious soul of the Exclusiva model: Arabescato, marble top, decorative elements, plinth and fronts in Light Grey glossy lacquered fi nish, further embellished by chrome-fi nish handles with Swarovski® crystals.
Clean-cut silhouettes for this living room that displays some of the details in Exclusiva: open-fronted wall units and handle-less wall units, in Beige matt lacquered fi nish, freely alternate with Ebony colour leather wall units fi tted with chrome-finish handles. Striking is the floor-standing shelf in Nabuk Oak which completes the composition.
The Stained Steel Stained Look lacquered fi nish of the base and wall units – alternating with the Light Grey matt lacquered fi nish of the wall panels, shelves and tops – marks out highly effective colour bands.
Truly original is the wall panel in Extra White Porcelain Stoneware fitted between the Prestige White glossy lacquered shelves, joined together by support wires. The double sequence of wall units, with mirror back panels and internal light, brightens up this rich setting.
Living room featuring several storage elements, which are a sophisticated match for the wall panel in Emperador Marble, a prestigious material that is adorned by seven Mink matt lacquered shelves across its full length.
起居室 Exclusiva
Metal handle with Swarovski®
Leather door
Stopsol mirror wall panel

起居室 Exclusiva 为日常生活增添色彩

The Stained Steel Stained Look lacquered - Light Grey matt lacquered
Beige matt lacquered - Ebony colour leather - floor-standing shelf in Nabuk Oak

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起居室 Exclusiva